Adventure Cinematography

Wellington Spearfishing & Freediving - I finally got around to creating a video of my first year experiencing freediving and spearfishing around Wellington, New Zealand. I have always loved the idea of gathering my own food and spearfishing is the most sustainable and primal way to do so.

Catching Light | New Zealand

A teaser trailer for the documentary film showcasing the stunning landscape of New Zealand

Queensland Escape

Getting too excited in this beautiful part of Australia and managed to sneak in a few DJI Spark drone shots too, what an epic little getaway trip

Wind off the Hills

A compilation of all my videos and timelapeses I had done over the last year or so. All shot in New Zealand, and mainly places around Queenstown and Wellington. This was filmed using a Canon 5D Mark III and with the lenses 100mm f2.8 L Macro, 16-35mm f2.8 L, Tokina 11-16mm.

Perdido en Mexico

55 Amazing days experiencing Cuba and Mexico's best food, culture and stunning scenery!


A showcase of Europe’s natural beauty through lens of timelapses

Diving with Orcas

Going out with for for an evening freedive along the coast of wellington. I got a big fright as this big thing came up to me. As soon as I realised what it was, I rushed to pull out my camera to capture the moment.