Programming Overview

I have worked as a programmer on and off for over 5 years, both professionally and as a hobby. This has given me a diverse range of development skills, ranging from general use Python (Advanced) to Javascript (Proficient), while also familar with C++ and other common laguages.


General - Python, QT

Most of my knowledge and experience of Python and Qt comes from working as a Lighting Technical Director and Pipeline Developer at Weta Digital. Using the Agile methodology and peer reviews to ensure quality coding practices in a professional environment.


Mobile APP & GAme - Javascript

I have always been interested in the mobile platform as it has the ability to enable innovative ideas which has the potential to reach a massive audience. 

Originally I learnt Javascript + Unity to create small arcade game (originally released on both platforms in 2013), which really sparked my interest as a developer.

Currently I am in active development on an exciting new iOS/Android app targeting the social food market. Built upon the new React-Native + Javascript platform. I am really passionate about this project and constantly learning new things, but its still in the early development stages.



Blockchain Tech - C#, Pytho, solidity

This exciting new technology has really started to spark interest with me and I really want to involve myself more in this space. My technical development knowledge is still fairly limited at this point, but as we are still in the early adoption phase there is still lots of room to grow.